Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers: If you are interested in being a substitute teacher, please contact the school. Interested substitutes should have a teaching certificate, attend a Bible-believing church, and agree with our statement of faith on our website.

Please send a resume, letters of reference, faith statement, and teacher certification to RGroen@phoenixchristianschool.org

Middle School History and Math (or English)

Middle School History and Math (or English): Will be a member of a dedicated and supportive team of experienced educators. We are looking for a teacher who would love to teach middle school history & geography, a homeroom Bible class and a math OR English class. Phoenix Christian School has one section of each grade level in prekindergarten through eighth grade. Our school is healthy and growing with an average of 16 students per classroom, and we have a wonderful team of teachers!

Please send a resume, letters of reference, faith statement, and a copy of your teacher certification to rgroen@phoenixchristianschool.org. Teachers at Phoenix Christian School are required to be a part of a Reformed or Presbyterian church in the Phoenix area. We have a list of over twenty local churches that meet this expectation.

Afternoon Teacher's Aide and Afternoon Daycare

Afternoon Teacher’s Aide and Afternoon Daycare :  We are hiring for an afternoon teachers’ aide and after school daycare position for the 24-25 school year.  The hours will be approximately noon to 5 pm on school days starting in  the first week of August. We encourage anyone who is interested (who is a believer and who involved in a local church) to submit a resume and faith statement to RGroen@phoenixchristianschool.org