Scholarship Opportunities

Ways to Help You Pay For Tuition at Phoenix christian School PreK-8


PCS PreK-8 working with you

We provide flexible payment plan options at no additional cost.  Options include 10 months (August – May) or 12 months (June – May).   After any tuition tax credit, SCRIP or PCS Tuition Assistance is deducted, the balance is billed monthly.  For complete details on these avenues to help you with tuition costs, contact the school office.

Universal esa

Click link for information  regarding the universal ESA program which provides funding to any K – 12 students in the state of Arizona for private school. 

Arizona Christian School Tuition Tax Credit

For the 2022 tax year, a married couple can donate up to $1245 for the original tax credit year to a designated student as well as an additional $1238 for the Overflow/Plus donation. Donors will receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their Arizona state income tax return. This law also applies to a single taxpayer who may donate up to $623 for the original tax credit and up to $620 for the Overflow/Plus tax credit


PCS Tuition Scholarship

Each year we are pleased to be able to award tuition funds to qualifying families.  This need-based assistance requires you to complete a short application and provide your latest federal tax information.  In addition to income, we take into consideration the number of children enrolled at Phoenix Christian School PreK-8, and others who may be in Christian secondary schools.  The Scholarship Committee reviews each applicant on the same basis using the same criteria, and all information is strictly confidential.  You will be notified of their decision within five (5) business days, holidays being the exception. Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis as long as funds are available.




School Credit Reimbursement Incentive Program—What better way to earn tuition credit than getting credit for shopping at your normal places of business.  Here’s how it works.  We provide you with a list of participating merchants.  You choose the ones you want to shop or dine at, and we provide you with a gift card in the amount of your purchase.  It is a dollar-for-dollar exchange.  For example if you purchased $100 of Home Depot you can spend $100, and they in turn give the school a percentage of the sale that goes directly to your tuition.  Another advantage is that you can have anyone order SCRIP, from the school, just send them our list of merchants and you’ll receive a percentage of those totals too.