Letter from the Principal

Welcome to the website of Phoenix Christian School PreK – 8. We thank our Lord for the faithfulness He has shown to Phoenix Christian School PreK-8 (PCS PreK-8) over the years.  As we partner together with the home and church in the education of our children, we pray to God for wisdom, understanding, grace, and energy.  May each new day continue the legacy that started in 1959.

Those beginning days in our history started with a small group of families from the Phoenix Christian Reformed Church. Their predominant purpose for a Christian school was to provide Christian parents with a Christ-centered educational environment, where the home, church and school, worked together, each mutually supporting the other. They began with little money, much prayer and a lot of determination. The first classrooms of Phoenix Christian Grade School opened in September 1959.

We still believe as our founding families did! Children must be able to gain an understanding of God’s great love for them and to rely on His Word as the foundation for all wisdom and learning. We strive to incorporate the joy and beauty and richness of God’s truth into the life and education of each student.

Education is our business, but teaching is our love. PCS PreK-8 teachers make a difference in the life of each child. We work hard to provide a school-wide environment which maximizes opportunities for learning and growing in God’s world.

Since the very beginning, our school has been blessed with many wonderful people who have watched us grow from a one-building school to three buildings and a gym.  Our supporters have given so much to the existence of PCS PreK-8. We are so thankful to God for the wonderful blessings to our school!

If you are looking for excellent Christian education for your children, please browse through our website and see what our school has to offer.  We look forward to the opportunity to give you a tour of our campus.  Come and be a part of the PCS PreK-8 family.

Warmly in Christ,

Ryan K. Groen