Admissions Overview



Welcome to our School

The mission of Phoenix Christian School PreK-8 is to partner with Christian families and Christian churches to educate children for lives of loving and obedient service to God, his kingdom, and all humankind. The school enrolls Christian families from many Christian churches. We focus on God’s Word and the assurance that Jesus loves us. Students begin with the premise that all truth comes from God. We have confidence that God will provide for our needs. God reigns, so that even in this world of opposition and strife, we can be assured that our Lord loves us. Please see below for information on our Admissions processes and standards.

Admission Policies

Applications are welcomed from families where at least one parent regularly participates in the life of a Bible-believing church, and will agree to uphold the Biblical instruction given at PCS PreK-8.   We believe that the partnership of the home, church, and school is essential to provide a consistent perspective of Biblical truth to children, and to maintain a healthy school community.

PCS PreK-8 accepts enrollment without discrimination as to race, color, sex or national origin.  All rights and privileges are afforded to all students.  Admission of students with special needs will be based on our ability to serve the needs of each child.


Academic Standards

All prospective students 1st – 8th grade will take an entrance test to determine current academic knowledge and ability. Grade placement is based on this test, transcripts from the previous schools attended, and the discretion of the principal.

Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1. They will be given the Gesell Assessment to determine developmental readiness.  Preschool students must be 4 years old by December 1.


Spiritual Standards

PRAYER: We are best equipped to serve Christ when we are supported with prayer. Parents are asked to earnestly pray for Phoenix Christian School PreK-8, the board of directors, administration, faculty, staff and students.

CHURCH ATTENDANCE: Regular church attendance and involvement by your family supports our mutual desire to develop the life of Christ in these students. Conditional enrollment will be considered if you are transitioning between churches.


Behavioral Standards

Maintaining harmony within the PCS PreK-8 community is a Biblical standard we have been blessed to be able to uphold. If there are concerns or problems, we ask all students, parents, and staff to follow the principle found in Matthew 18 to resolve situations and restore relationships.  This policy requires that parents talk to teachers about student problems before talking to the principal.  If unresolved, the matter is prayerfully and orderly moved up the school’s organizational structure.  We believe this is the Lord’s way of solving person-to-person disputes.  See student handbook for full details.